Menominee River Century Bike Ride



Mariah Harris

MRC Ride 

Thanks to our Sponsors!


The MRC Ride is completely ran by volunteers and sponsors!


Many volunteers pull a 10-12 hour day to support the success of the bike ride.


Each volunteer works hard to provide a successful day of riding for our MRC Riders.

Many Hands to Lighten the Load 

Packet Assemby 

We all get together to assemble 100's of rider packets a few days before the Ride Event. These packets include everything a rider needs. This also kicks off the MRC Weekend!

Rest Stop Worker 

It’s a long and winding road and the rest stops give riders a chance to catch their breaths, drink some water and enjoy some of the many snacks we’ve prepared for them. A rest stop shift can begin and end anytime during the day of the ride between 7 AM and 4 PM.

From the SAG supports to Police Officers, rest stop workers and ride organizers these volunteers strive for the success of this traditional bike ride. There is a MRC Committee that meets monthly to plan this Bike Ride each and every year. We are all dedicated to seeing our riders have a safe and enjoyable ride throughout our beautiful area.

While your out on your ride this year, be sure to thank a worker for volunteering their time!


Service and gear workers ride the routes to ensure no rider is left stranded. Any bikes along the route that need fixing they are there to help on each route, all day long.


Set up

Volunteers spend the entire week leading up to the ride setting up rest stops, signage and more. Day of ride volunteers begin their day around 4:00 am prepping and setting up for that 7:00 start time for our riders.  



A staple item of this ride, the food is prepped and prepared in the days leading up to the ride. Volunteers work each rest stop serving riders throughout the day. Runners continue to ride the route to restock food at remaining rest stops as earlier rest stops close down.